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Pain Management

Drug Free Pain Management in Edison, NJ

Managing pain is a large part of keeping the body in a state of healing rather than a state of decay. We want to encourage strength and determination but battling immense pains for very long amounts of time is both detrimental to the mind and counterproductive to treatment This is why we offer strict medically assisted pain management where necessary. We also offer holistic treatments for those addicts whose condition disallows them to safely receive medical assistance. We encourage wholesome healing and part of this is severe pains which the body needs to go through in order for the adjustments to be made. At Alcoholism Treatment Helpline in Edison, NJ, our treatment center does not shelter patients from the inevitable, rather we allow them to embrace withdrawal pains and feel the benefits of healing without giving up home. Pain is temporary.

We do not discredit prescription pain medications as doctors use them for post-surgical pain management, and intense pain as a result of injury or disease. Prescription pain meds are very important when they are applied these specific uses, however our bodies are simply not build to handle large amounts of these factory-fabricated medicines. As we continue to take a pain medication, our body feels forced to adapt to the medication’s effects and begin to feel less and less with the same dosage. This is called tolerance. As tolerance develops, some feel as if they need more dosages to feel the same effects and so they take more medication and eventually, the tolerance will be such that the person has an addiction to a very dangerous substance. Such a powerful problem can seriously take over a whole family’s life.

Our pain management programs are some of the most effective methods used to deal with the physical withdrawal symptoms. A qualified medical staff is critical in order to cope with the pain which comes from a dying addiction. The pain can be both physically and mentally which is why therapists are provided to help the mind recover to its original state. The mental and physical health and safety of our patients is our number one priority. We ensure a well-structured, balanced recovery which will allow the patient to cope with the added stresses and pains of recovery until those pains die away. Getting past the withdrawals is a key and often unavoidable part of the recovery process.

With our wholesome and expert treatment, we offer very safe and carefully monitored medical assistance for our patients who may face heavy withdrawals which cause them excess pain and discomfort. Our care is long-lasting, but to get this result, our methods must be extraordinary. Call Alcoholism Treatment Helpline at (732) 410-5938 to take advantage of our advanced alcohol rehab and drug detox care.