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Dual Diagnosis

Dual Diagnosis Edison, NJ

We at Alcoholism Treatment Helpline in Edison, NJ are firm believers that there is usually more than meets the eye when it comes to large health concerns. Alcoholism or habitual abuse of drugs is not a random occurrence, as a cold does not come without contact with pathogens, an addiction does not come for no reason at all. Sometimes the reason is not straightforward. Sometimes it is about life, family, money, relationships, etc. However just as frequently, we have seen patients who have developed mental problems during their stressful life and these mental problems have forced their hand and cause them to slip into an addiction for fear of losing total control. Once this mistake is made, they feel hopeless and saddened and their condition worsens.

When an underlying mental problem along with an addiction is affecting a person, this is referred to as co-occurring. Co-occurring conditions must be dually diagnosed for effective treatment. Just as treating flu by treating its symptoms is ineffective; treating a substance abuse problem is only caring about the surface of the real problem underneath the skin.  Out experts are experienced in handling many mental conditions which can ignite an addiction personality. Taking control of one’s mental illness is the real challenge. Once the real problem is under control the road to recovery is much easier journey.

Dual Diagnoses are springing up all over the country and the treatment which these conditions entail is far different from the traditional addiction treatment. By calling Alcoholism Treatment Helpline in Edison, NJ at (732) 410-5938, you will have access to the most advanced and successful treatment center in the country which provides its patients with the dual diagnosis treatment which will cure the whole problem and the addiction will follow. Call today to ensure that your or your loved one’s treatment is the right treatment.

For a wholesome treatment, the addiction and the mental condition must be treated equally. Certain mental illnesses will make the recovery process more difficult by making the patient feel as if the drug is the only option. Our medically assisted program will ensure that no harm can befall our patients and that experienced, licensed therapists are monitoring the situation at all times. We ensure that a recovery is complete with minimal chance for relapse by treating the whole problem, not just the addiction.